E. Modern Human Origins - Human Evolution and the Great Leap Forward

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Human Evolution and the Great Leap Forward - By Advocate De Waal Lubbe

Scientists have estimated that humans branched off from their common ancestor, with chimpanzees, about 5-7 million years ago. Several species and subspecies of Homo evolved and are now extinct. These include Homo erectus, which inhabited Asia, and Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, which inhabited Europe. Archaic Homo sapiens evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago.

Molecular evidence suggests that between 8 and 4 million years ago, first the gorillas, and then the chimpanzees (genus Pan) split offfrom the line leading to the humans; human DNA is approximately 98,4%identical to that of chimpanzeeswhen comparing single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Current research has established that humans are genetically highly homogenous; that is, the DNA of individuals is more alike than usual for most species, which may have resulted from their relatively recent evolution or the possibility of a population bottleneck.

A population bottleneck or genetic bottleneck is an evolutionary event in which a significant percentage of a population or species is killed or otherwise prevented from reproducing. Population bottlenecks increase genetic drift, as the rate of drift is inversely proportional to the population size. The reduction in a population's dispersal leads, over time, to increased genetic homogeneity. If severe, population bottlenecks can also markedly increase inbreeding due to the reduced pool of possible mates.

Distinctive genetic characteristicshave arisen, primarily as a result of small groups ofpeople moving into new environmental circumstances.These adapted traits are a very small component of the Homo Sapiens genone, but include various characteristics, such as skin color, nose form, in addition to internal characteristics such as the ability to breathe moreefficiently at high altitudes.

Over millions of years, human development showed slow progress but indications now, show a revolution in development, the so called "Great Leap Forward", which fast-forwarded human ability, capabilitiesand consciousness at a much greater speed.

Among concrete examples of such Modern human behaviour, anthropologists include specialization of tools, use of jewellery and images such as cave drawings, organization of living space, rituals - for example burials with grave gifts - specialized hunting techniques, exploration of less hospitable geographical areas, and barter trade networks. Debate continues as to whether a "revolution" led to modern humans ("the big bang of human consciousness"), or whether the evolution was more gradual.

We know from the findings at the Pinnacle Point cave in Mossel Bay and also at the Blombos Cave, that shell fish played a major role in the survival of humankind, 160,000 -70,000 years ago. Research shows, and it is referred to as the "Miracle Health Discovery of the 21st century", that the Omega and Omega 3 benefits fromshell fishand fish, known as brain food, contributes to intelligence and growth of the brain.

Research shows the Omega 3 benefits from fish oil with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) begins at conception.

Shell fish and fish have always been known as brain food that contributes to intelligence. And scientists now understand that nearly 70% of a baby's brain and more than 60% of an adult brain is madeup of fish oil'sDHA.

The trail of the origin of thinking man, trail of human kind, seems to have bottlenecked in Mossel Bay, survived here and most of all, the "Great Leap Forward" or "Big Bang of Human Consciousness", was effected by their eating habits, including mostly shell fishand fish.

In view of the trail set outabove, it can then, with confidence, be said that MosselBay is the origin of modern thinking man, the historical capital of the world andthat the MosselBay mild climate andseafood, not only saved humanity from extinction, but wasresponsible forhumankind's speedy brain, intelligence, consciousness, growth and indeed the"Great Leap Forward" or "Big Bang ofHuman Consciousness and the Origin of Modern Humans / Modern Human Origins".



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